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Bastetswarrior , 24 September UTC. This quote is a variant of an old stoic proverb anyway. Oldest written reference, Seneca the Younger.

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I cannot believe that one of my favourite Bismarck quotes is missing from this page. The Guns of Augusts' chapter "Outbreak" begins with the quote. The quote is sourced here as well. One place proclaims it was said in Your every cunning will be responded by their unpredictable stupidity". The correct quote reads in English: A Bavarian is halfway between an Alsatian and a human being.

Tales from the Sausage Factory: Making Laws in New York State

Note: an Alsatian is also a term for a German Shepherd dog. Cynical Broker?

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Hy Sheridan? Claud Cockburn?

Edward Cheyfitz? The above article has done a very good analysis, gives two attributions to Bismarck from and and concludes that it was probably anonymous.

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  • But I don't know whether it counts as a reliable source tho many of its citations are presumably checkable , and I don't know whether it has examined German sources. An unmentioned modern variant is allegedly called Pilger's Law. The quote almost certainly needs to appear here, if only as a quote possibly erroneously attributed to Bismarck. But I don't have any experience of editing Wikiquotes, let alone of adding disputed quotes backed by disputable sources, and I have too much else on my plate, so I probably won't be attempting to add it myself, at least not anytime soon.

    Eichenthal ought to be required reading for any government executive. Expert advice on how any citizen can fight government fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption. Eichenthal show how to fight back. Based on their own work in federal, state, and local government over the last forty years, they will arm you with the tools and techniques needed to put the spotlight on those who cheat and steal from the public or who squander valuable taxpayer dollars through waste and inefficiency. At the same time, Feldman and Eichenthal outline what they see as the good and the bad of current oversight efforts based on case studies from across the nation.

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    If you want to understand the different forms of watchdogs and how they both succeed and fail, there is no better resource available. It smartly explains how a persistent, gutsy, and empirical watchdog can be a tugboat moving supertankers. It is hard to imagine, but about 40 years ago, the New York State Legislature was considered a model of institutional professionalism.

    In a report, it was one of four that received the highest ranking available from the Citizens Conference on State Legislatures.

    Corridor Sausage's product is so good you'll want to know how it's made

    The others were California, Illinois and Florida. Does the Legislature deserve all the disapprobation that is heaped on it? Some say not. We have never gotten the message out in a coherent way of what we do well and right. Stonecash and Brodsky overstate the case.

    The legislature has been performing dismally, and is in major need of reform. But, to be fair, state legislators do some things well.

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    The legislature is the avenue for compromise. Since legislators must negotiate to win enactment of bills, they learn to consider viewpoints quite different than their own. Some of my ultra-Orthodox Jewish constituents vehemently objected to my refusal to support legislation that I thought was unconstitutional banning pornography. Fred Schmidt, probably the most conservative Democratic member of our House, and among the most conservative of either party, sat next to me for 12 years.

    Responding to his own very conservative and mostly Roman Catholic constituents, Fred had a bill prohibiting the public display of racy magazines that I thought I could revise into constitutionally acceptable form. I could, I did, and the Schmidt-Feldman bill became law, of course with conservative Republican sponsorship in the Senate. The legislator serves as 'social glue.