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Hmmm, rabbits eat grass, other weeds and berries. And I believe they are a natual creature. You can keep your cat inside all of the time but not rabbits. I never bought another one since. I keep chickens fenced 4 dogs inside and outside and 1 cat inside only. That depends if they are food or not. Rabbits were food long before someone thought to make pets out of them. And they are delicious, high in protein and very low in fat!

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I would love to raise rabbits for food but we, my mother and I are allergic to the fur. Are there any naked rabbits that we could raise? My rabbits owned just 1 at a time came inside but also had a warm house ourdoors on the porch. Plant 1 upright side with strawberries??? Spring, commeth; traditionally anyway. Weather has been a bit… inconsistant?

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Fruit trees sure hate that. I got BEES in I mostly just want the foragers to pollinate. They are v mellow. I own no bee suit and had no experience, but especially bought a v calm bee. I used to sit 1 ft away on a bucket and watch them for an hour.

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Keeping rabbits indoors is almost comical. What does political affiliation have to do with this? I know republicans that have rabbits as pets. Been there; Done that. Pocket Gophers make a nice ant-fram-hamstaer, minus the smells.

VERY clean animal, and solitary. Hmmm… I could grow rabbits in a pallet garden, using pallets… But each of mine were just pets. I Liked that Michell had a garden and bees. Ants got mine when I failed to tend the anti-ant moat. Ex-Demo BillSF9c. I had a pet rabbit, and I am neither a tree hugger, vegan or democrat. She was a great joy as well as my cats and my dog.

Amber, strawberries growing in a pallet — what a great idea! I like the idea of growing them in guttering, but watering is a problem here. A pallet sounds great, as the fruit could be on or over the wood and not getting dirty. Has it worked well for you? Interested in how you made your strawberry pallet. Maybe you could send me a little more information and a picture! Here is how I made my strawberry pallet. V nice Donna! Might be. But you are waiting for the roots to knit the soil? Do you know if giards delivers wood pallets?

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If not do you know of any other wood places maybe in Tacoma? Thanks for the pallet tutorial and the one on blueberries. There are a few more.

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Love a bargain! One with strawberries and one with dwarf beans. I was very disappointed with the system. I did get a few strawberries, but the rest curled up and died and the beans grew well initially, but turned yellow and died at the flowering stage. I have decided they are not worth using and have changed to raised gardens the same size and and getting so much more produce in the same area..

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  • When I dismantled the beans bed, I found everything was root bound. The root size exceeded the tops size. It was beautifully moist, but I lost a whole bean crop. My strawberries never grew like they should have… producing hard fruit. Again they are rootbound. I thought the idea was wonderful, but it has been a disappointment. You have to really pack the soil in and under the slats to fill them. Just raking the soil over is not sufficient as it settles down with watering.

    I suspect the wood slats increase the soil temperature and put the warmth into root production. I think it might work for fast turn around things like lettuce and radishes, but not for long term things like beans, peppers, tomatoes or cabbages. It is also no good for root veges. I am using the pallets for my salad garden. Were they straight on top of the ground dirt? Or did they have landscape cloth or a solid surface underneath? Well Mari, I was thinking that you need to pack the soil, some, esp under the top slats, as I looked at the pics. See also, Sq Ft.

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    Cute idea, as it gives lil kids a place to walk when the cannot merely reach. No… but ok. Clean- if the pallets are. Caution in sourcing them as they are considered valuable. Please explain 2 things to a new Gulf coast gardener. Is that cardboard or paper under your pallets? Also I read the comment about turning the pallets upright for strawberries.

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