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A n email pinged into my inbox earlier this year. It read as follows:. For the fellow uninitiated, a friendmoon is just what the name implies: newly-weds bring their closest friends along after they have tied the knot, on what was traditionally the preserve of the couple. Blame Jennifer Aniston, if you will. Just ask Jonathan Gant and Maryann Noronha whose wedding guests, instead of tying tin cans to the back of the wedding car, will be going with them on their honeymoon to Italy.

The novelty is gone. His family are coming from California for their Isle of Wight wedding this summer and so will get to see more of Europe. Helena Pielak and Mike Murray live in London, as do most of their friends, but they still took them to Greece after their wedding. The friendmoon trend is on the rise, according to Eleanor Keymer, a bespoke honeymoon and travel planner.

But friendmoons, it transpires, are much like Marmite and the subject divided the office with plenty of the opinion that there will be time to take a trip with friends later in life. Plenty, of course, will be keen to continue the party but newly-weds need to make sure they friendmoon with the right kind of friends.

Group holidays are not always fun I once went to Mexico with two former friends; we all had different ideas of what we wanted to do, contrasting budgets and ended up falling out. Fancy a friendmoon but not sure where to go? Travel planner Eleanor Keymer has some great options. Novasol novasol. All interests are catered for, from sports to nightlife to top rate shows. A seven-night Meditteranean cruise with MSC msccruises.

15 Extremely Romantic Things To Do In Singapore For Couples!

Dog-sledding, snowmobile riding and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Cozy up in a luxurious lodge and stock up on hearty fare in front of a roaring fire, while waiting for the aurora activity. Nothing betters the thrill of taking up wild ropes at Taronga Zoo with spectacular views Sydney Harbour.

Also, the 5-km clifftop walk from Dover Heights to Watson Bay is refreshing. Take a helicopter ride to a private island, plan an extensive reef tour, or live the romantic moments as you go around diving into nature while exploring waterholes, creeks, waterfalls, and rainforests. Among the popular honeymoon destinations in Australia, Cairns truly lives up to the expectations of newly married couples! Adventurous things to do in Cairns: Cairns is the hub of most of the adventure thing that you want to try in Australia.

Pick from a range of activities that include bungee jumping, white water rafting, skydiving, fly board, and jungle surfing.

Why Pick Australia For Honeymoon?

Water activities like snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef are a must! Take a whale-watching tour or spend private moments marooned on a secluded island; the choice is yours.

For the best honeymoon in Australia in January, head to this place. The quirky town of Melbourne — brimming with romantic getaways, exciting escapades tailor-made for honeymooners, and abundant activities for the travelers — has rightly been conferred as the top honeymoon destination in Australia. As a honeymoon destination in Australia boasting of a splendid marine life, beautiful corals, and memorable honeymoon experiences, Hamilton looks perfectly curated for honeymooners. Also, if you are planning a honeymoon in Australia in December, this is the place you must-visit! While waters along the beaches showcase the cleanest shade of emerald, the romantic ride across it adds to the memorable experiences.

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This Australian beach honeymoon experience is one of its kind. Adventurous things to do in Hamilton Island: Whale sighting is common in Hamilton Island area, which can be thrilling and fun at the same time. Trekking up to the Passage Peak is another adventurous activity in the Hamilton Island region. Best Australia honeymoon itineraries : Sydney is the ideal place to kickstart a honeymoon in Australia from where you eventually move on to other cities.

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The most recommended itineraries are:. There are still some lesser heard honeymoon destinations in Australia that are perfect if you are planning a honeymoon in Australia. Take a look! New South Wales is one of the south-eastern states in Australia and people majorly visit it because of Sydney. Other attractions like Wentworth Falls are perfect for spending some time with your lover while soaking in the beauty of the stunning view. You can also visit the Jenolan Caves which is one of the most beautiful cave formations of the world.

West Australia is one of the best destinations for your honeymoon in Australia. West Australia is all about picturesque sunsets, beaches, and wine, sounds your kinda destination? Do visit the western region of Australia to have the best wine of your life! Adelaide was known as the sleeping city but today it is one of the top honeymoon destinations in Australia. If you want your honeymoon to be all about music, festivals, beaches and romantic walk in an uncrowded city, then Adelaide is the perfect place for you!

You can visit the picturesque Adelaide Hills and relish some South Australian Wine with your beloved. Take a look at some of the best honeymoon resorts in Australia that offer luxury and comfort for the most romantic stay while holidaying there! By air: Australia is well connected with all major airports across the world.

Sydney and Melbourne have the largest international airports in Australia. The bigger is your checklist for the honeymoon in Australia , the smaller this place makes it looks like when you start exploring it.