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Besides, stars no longer want to be stars, bending over backward on Twitter and Instagram to seem normal even if that means hiring someone to seem normal for them.

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Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin. Bob Dylan in concert circa Kurt Cobain. But she doesn't fall into my arms like a groupie. Kat has secrets of her own. Her kid is sick and she will do anything for him. I'm too old and too damaged for her. But when we sing a duet on stage for the first time, not even she can deny our off-the-charts chemistry. She ignores my attempts to buy her affection. Healing might still be possible—especially with fantastic new lands to explore.

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But when political unrest and disturbing new developments bring them back to Karthia, Odessa fears that without the help of the Dead, these problem may be too much even for the two of them to handle. But where does Rukhsana fit in in a world of tradition and arranged marriages?

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Max and Jordan seem like total opposites. Max is the epitome of chill, a video gamer totally at ease with his sexuality. Totally not chill and fairly sure even Mr. Right—if he ever finds him—would get tired of him. A story of falling in love and falling apart, and what it takes to find yourself again and pick up all the pieces. Until Willa gets to know Hesper a little too well and Hesper starts to shut her out.

Hesper runs away to her hometown of Tbilisi, Georgia, hoping to rediscover her origins. Meanwhile, heartbroken Willa decides to join a group of Jewish twenty-somethings to visit Holocaust sites, but winds up contending with more of her past—ancestral and romantic—than she expected.

Whereforeart thou, rock gods? ‘Uncommon People’ has the answer

As both women try to uncover the truth of their pasts in the hopes of finding a way forward, will they find the answers and belonging they crave or just more questions? When your parents run a funeral home, you get pretty used to death. Now Dino and July have to confront how things ended as they try to figure out what on Earth—or beyond—is actually going on. In Medio, the divide between the elite and the lower class is vast and uncrossable. Daniela knows that all too well. As a student at the Medio School For Girls, she is far more privileged than most.

Her parents sacrificed everything to obtain the false documents that got Daniela into that school. And if anyone were to find out her top standing, her engagement to the son of a prominent politician, and her entire life would be undone. But when a resistance group asks her to spy for them, she faces a difficult choice.

Continue down the path set for her by her parents or risk everything to fight for a better future and a more equal Medio. This book recounts the queer history of Brooklyn from the s to present day, telling the story of many forgotten or overlooked LGBTQ figures like Ella Wesner, a famous drag king, Mabel Hampton a black lesbian dancer at Coney Island, and many others. Ariel is on track to be the perfect college applicant: perfect grades, first chair violin, extra curriculars.

It may seem effortless, but Ariel works hard for that perfection.


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A failed calculus quiz is not part of the plan, but Ariel figures a few all-nighters should be enough to set things back on track. He can sleep after graduation. Except, Amir might not be so bad. In fact, Ariel might really like Amir.

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  6. But adding a relationship on top of everything else might just push him over the edge. When his father discovers the truth, the fallout is swift and brutal. But Meredith is struggling with problems of her own and unable to provide the emotional support Niru needs.

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    Can the two friends reconcile their own needs with each others? This story of female friendship and falling in love begins with Grace, Annie, and Violet.

    When she meets a beautiful woman at a party, it seems like maybe she has. Meanwhile, across the city, Violet makes a discovery of her own when she falls for another woman for the first time.